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The Saints started as an expansion team in the NFL in 1967. They would go 3-11 their first year, something that would become typical of an expansion franchise’s first year. It wasn’t until 1979 that the team would go .500. In 1980 they would lose 14 straight games and fans began wearing paper bags over their heads and the team was unfortunately dubbed The Aints. But New Orleans fans are nothing if not loyal, and they continued to come to the games.

Jim Mora would come in as coach in 1986 and in 1987, behind their Dome Patrol defense, the team was in the playoffs. They would go again in 1990 and win the division in ’91. Mike Ditka was hired in 1997, and by the end of 1999, he was gone again, unable to recreate the success he had with the Bears.

Jim Haslett came in and took the team to the playoffs his first year as coach, but then couldn’t match that success and was gone after the 2005 season. Sean Payton was then brought in and he would acquire quarterback Drew Brees. The Saints would clinch the division that year and go to the conference championship game, losing to the Bears.

It would be 2009 before the Saints saw the postseason again, but what a season it was. The Saints would start the season 13-0 and end it with a Super Bowl victory after defeating a Brett Favre-led Vikings team in the NFC championship. In 2010, the team was back to the wild card. 2011 they were division champs again.

The offseason was met with an investigation into bounty hunting and saw multiple suspensions of coaching staff handed down, including one for the entire year for Sean Payton. Thus, the 2012 season was basically over before it started. The saints didn’t give up however and came out with a respectable record all things considered. Things would improve the following season with a wild-card appearance, and back in the playoffs in 2014.

The Saints then went 7-9 for three straight seasons although they broke several NFL records during that time. They would go back to the playoffs one more time with Sean Payton, but after the 2022 season, he announced he would step down as coach. Dennis Allen was promoted to the head coach position, but after a poor start, some fans started a petition to have him removed, unsuccessfully.

With a new season, Coach Allen now has an understanding of who this team is and has the ability and experience to redeem himself and the team. The Black and Gold has the tools to go far in 2023.

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