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The Dallas Cowboys, who call AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas home, entered the league in 1960 as an expansion team. The team would struggle, but under the leadership of the great Tom Landry they would make it to a .500 season in 1965. That’s when things really took off.

Starting in 1966 the team would win two consecutive eastern conference titles, followed by back-to-back division titles. They would go to five Super Bowls in the ’70’s, winning two. At first, the 1980’s didn’t appear as if they would be any different. The Boys were back in the playoffs in 1980 and another divisional championship was awarded in 1981. In the strike season of 1982, they would make it to the championship game. 1983 would see the Cowboys go as far as the wild card, but they were sold to H.R. Bright in the offseason. That would prove to be an unwelcome shake-up for the Cowboys, as they would miss the playoffs in 1984 for the first time in 10 years. The following year would see another division title but then came a decline. The Cowboys could not get to .500 for three consecutive years. During this time Bright was forced to sell the team and Jerry Jones was the happy buyer.

Not so happy for Landry, however as he was quickly fired and Jimmy Johnson was hired in his stead. Another sale, added with the firing of their long-time coach following three losing seasons was a little much for the Boys and they finished the season 1-15, even with young stand-out players Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman. Jones and Johnson knew they could turn the team back around and they began adding key players and building an amazing roster. In 1991 the Cowboys were back to their previous form and back in the playoffs. In 1992 they would have a thrilling 13-3 season and go on to beat the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. They would repeat that feat again the following year against the same team. But something was brewing beneath the surface. Former friends were friends no longer as Jimmy Johnson announced he was resigning as head coach shortly after the Super Bowl victory.

Barry Switzer was brought in and not much else changed. The Boys were in the playoffs in 1994 and in 1995 they won Super Bowl 30. They would make it to the wild card the following year but key players were beginning to age and that would show in a 6-10 finish in 1997. Switzer resigned and Chan Gailey was brought in to replace him. Gailey took the team to a division title in 1998 and a wild card appearance in 1999, but that wasn’t acceptable to Jerry Jones, who expected much more from his coach. Gaily was fired and Dave Campo was promoted to his position.

It seemed there was not much that could be done. Star players were aging and the Cowboys had done little to infuse youth into the team and allow them to learn from star veterans. The Cowboys were on a downhill slide. The Boys would continue that slide through the 2002 season. With the hiring of Bill Parcells things would begin to return to form in Dallas, and then starting in 2007 with Wade Phillips followed by Jason Garrett, the Boys were definitely back. But through Garrett’s reign, there just weren’t enough playoff appearances to satisfy Jones.

Mike McCarthy was named head coach in 2020. Things looked good for the Cowboys had it not been for a season-ending injury early on to their quarterback. The team still managed to remain competitive, but a leaky defense sunk their season. One thing we know for sure is the Cowboys do not settle for second best, and they don’t like defeat. Expect the Boys to be back big time in the 2023 season ready to make a statement and reclaim their name as one of the NFL’s elite teams.

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