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The Rams began play in the NFL in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams. The team would move from stadium to stadium in the Cleveland area. The lack of a true home stadium may well have contributed to the team’s string of unsuccessful seasons. With a shortage of players due to WW2, the Rams could not field a team in 1943 but were back the following year. It seemed the year off did them some good as they won the championship in the second year after that break.

In 1946, the Rams moved to Los Angeles, Ca. They were well received in LA. In 1948 Fred Gehrke would change the NFL forever when he painted horns on his helmet, creating the first helmet emblem. In 1950 the Rams would again change the game forever when they became the first team to have all of their games televised. The team did well in this era, going to the championship game 4 times and winning once.

In the ’60s, not only were the Rams the most innovative team in football, they were also the most popular by far. Sometimes doubling the number of fans that could fit in their stadium in a given season. Beginning in 1973 they won seven consecutive conference championships. But over the decade, although successful, age was beginning to catch up to the team, and it became apparent in the early ’80’s, and the Rams began a rebuilding process.

It didn’t take long, and in 1983 they were already consistent playoff contenders again, Until 1990. The team began to completely crumble and by ’95, what was once the most popular franchise in the sport, was struggling to sell tickets. The franchise moved to St. Louis in 1995, but the team struggled to find its footing there. However, in 1999, the Greatest Show on Turf was born and a Super Bowl victory was the result.

They were back at the big game two years later where they would lose to the Patriots. The Rams would remain more or less competitive in the following years, but most seasons would end below .500 and stadium issues were becoming a problem. Finally, the franchise opted out of its lease and went home to Los Angeles.

In front of a record-breaking preseason crowd, the Rams won their first game back, and once again were feeling the love in southern California. In 2017 and 2018 the Rams won back-to-back division titles. They would win the conference championship in ’18. Come 2021 Los Angeles would see the Lombardi trophy as the Rams were once again champions.

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